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All About The Jacket (ABJ) Impact 

All About The Jacket s for the woman who understands that the right jacket will make the old look new, fabulous and oh so fashionable. We offer sophisticated, classy and classic, as well as trendy, fun coats and jackets in the from of blazers, dressy jackets, casual jackets, jean jackets, hoodies, button down sweaters to name a few. We also offer a selection of clothing/apparel and accessories to compliment your fabulous jacket which of course will be a fashionable jacket. Go ahead and shine and sparkle with a sprinkle of affordable jewelry, a cute purse to accessorize you jacket wardrobe.  Oh yeah, check out our select red dress collection too. 

Brand Vision

Our brand vision is becoming the jacket brand where women not only are consumers but are also inspired to become producers. We envision a world where apparel is not just for fashion but for inspiration and innovation. It is our brand vision to inspire and to help create more women apparel brand entrepreneurs. We do this by helping women look at what we wear not simply as clothing/apparel but as an idea and vision that started in the heart and mind of the designer. We are all creative beings. That means you. And, who knows, you just might be the next Donna Karan, Chanel, Kate Spade, Tory Burch. Join the movement. #shopallaboutthejacket; #shopwithapurpose; #shopABJ... Shopping All About The Jacket today could inspire you to launch your own brand tomorrow. Don't have an aspiration for a brand? Vendors and Suppliers are in demand too. 

How Do We Do It?

Do you have a product design or idea and you can't find or afford the support to move it forward? Consider First Fifty offered to you by ABJ...#shopwithapurpose; #shopABJ

All About The Jacket Blog (ABJ)

Our ABJ Blog is designed to provide information and articles to encourage, educate and enlighten and ultimately inspire those who visit our site to consider fashion as more than what meets the eye. It's a connector, a conversation starter, a way to see others in a visual perception of becoming. Visit ABJ regularly to get inspired. You never know when a new blog post will drop!